How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone With Easy Steps

When you like some video and want to watch it without online, you must download the videos to your iPhone. For you that never do it before maybe feeling so confused how to get it. Wondering how to get it without looking for the way is not a solution. By knowing the way, you will download the number of attractive videos that you like. We will guide you to download Youtube videos to iPhone  below.

download youtube videos to iphone

There are too many cool videos that ready for our start from videos that give some information, sports, lifestyle, entertainments and many more. The benefit of downloading the videos is we will watch it every time without some internet connection or offline. It is the really good idea and absolutely will save more quota internet.

The simple steps how to download YouTube videos to iPhone

  • Install it on your iPhone.
  • After finish the installation, you will launch the YouTube downloader on the iPhone.
  • For the next step, you will go to
  • On document 5, you will find Safari icon (a compass). Tap this icon that placed in the bottom right.
  • It will display a web browser and you will type “savefromnet” on its search bar.
  • Please click on the “” link to the search results.
  • After that, you will get the URL for YouTube Videos. URL is an important thing as the address of the videos that you want to download.
  • Copy the URL.

safefromnet youtube download

  • Open the safari and paste the URL.
  • Download the videos with resolutions that you want.
  • Tap the download button.
  • Save the file that you download into camera roll.

By using the tutorial how to download YouTube videos and save to your iPhone, now you will get the videos easily and play it whenever you want. Let’s find your favorite videos and download it soon guys.

How to Unlock iPhone with IMEI: It is Safe and Permanent

Recently, a lot of people search about how to unlock iPhone. They who do it are usually the people who want to change their SIM card from the another operator. Apparently, no replacement for the iPhone is very important for them who like traveling to abroad. Unluckily, Apple will limit it through the operation. So, how to unlock your iPhone if you are same with them? Do not worry, Apple has given you a solution about it. You can use IMEI where it is the origin unlocker from Apple.

How to unlock iPhone with IMEI: Take the Benefits

Before IMEI emerge, many people had tried to use software and Gevey SIM. In fact, both are the illegal service providers for the iPhone from Apple. The company does not release it because it has IMEI. You must be careful toward the software and the Gevey SIM. Software that comes on the internet is absolutely a scammer that just wants to cheat your money. Meanwhile, Gevey SIM is this tool from China which uses the invalid card.

how to unlock iphone

Of course, you do not know that the SIM card is not valid and it can damage your iPhone. The tool has a risk to cause an error for some applications and contact. Alongside that, you can lose your guarantee from Apple if you use it. On the other hands, IMEI in $30 is able to give you a lot of benefits such as below:

  • Use IMEI code is legal and free of risk
  • Easy to use to get the IMEI code
  • Always online
  • Get the result immediately
  • Cheap
  • Can get the guarantee from Apple
  • Permanent unlocker
  • Safe
  • Original provider
  • It is able for all iPhone series

5 Steps to Unlocking Your Apple iPhone Simply

There are only 5 points to use IMEI to unlock your iPhone. It starts at:

  • Visit
  • Find the serial number free by following the instruction
  • Select iPhone (according to your series) and input the serial number
  • Do payment and wait for the confirmation from the operator
  • You will get the confirmation through E-mail where you must delete your old SIM card. Then, change with the new SIM card

By the way, what makes your iPhone locked? In general, there are 3 causes such as a country lock, network key, and customer key. Anything the cause, IMEI is the best to unlocking your iPhone. You who live in Canada, English, and North America should be grateful. It is because of this service provider really legal there.

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud Correctly Just in Case

to Before knowing the way of how to backup iPhone, especially with iCloud, it is better for you to know first what backup is. You should do that to understand the way of backing up iPhone clearer. Backing up means making data copied from your device. This is intended to replace data if your device is damaged, or even lost. So you have to back up your iPhone data just in case.

how to backup iphone

Simple Steps to Backup iPhone to iCloud

In this case, we will offer and suggest you some easy ways of how to backing up iPhone using iCloud easily, such as:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi network

The first step which you should do is connecting your device to the Wi-Fi network which is available. Besides, there is another option that you can do. You can turn on your mobile data in order to connect to the internet network.

  1. Go to Settings

The second step to backup iPhone to iCloud is that you can choose the option of Settings. Then, it will appear your name and the last one just clicking iCloud.  On the other hand, if you use iOS 10.2 or earlier on your device, it is very easy to do in backing up iPhone. Firstly, click Settings and then just scroll down the screen and choose iCloud.

backup iphone to icloud

  1. iCloud backup

It means that you click iCloud backup. In this case, you should convince that iCloud backup on your device is turned on. So, the way of backing up iPhone will run well.

  1. Backup

The last step is that tap the backup. However, you should still connect your device to the Wi-Fi network until the process of backing up has finished.

Well, all of the information of how to backup your iPhone data. In a fact, those ways above can be applied without difficulties by everyone. Thus, just do it with pleasure and enjoy feeling!

How to Activate iPhone Easily and Quickly for New Users

As we know that there are a lot of ways on how to activate iPhone in easiest ways. People usually use three ways of using a Wi-Fi connection, using iTunes, and using troubleshooting in activating their new iPhone.  Those three options are the best ways how to activate your iPhone. Well, we will help and teach you how to activate iPhone in such easiest ways.

how to activate iphone

How to Activate iPhone in Such Easiest Way By Using Wi-Fi Connection

The steps to activate the iPhone using Wi-Fi network, as follow:

  • First, you have to insert the SIM Card into the iPhone. Before activating your iPhone, you have to make sure to put the SIM Card into the right place.
  • Second, turn on your iPhone by pressing the power on your iPhone. You have to hold down your iPhone’s lock button until the color changes into the white color and the logo of Apple appears on your iPhone’s screen.
  • Third, you can start to begin the setting up your iPhone. You can begin by pressing the “home” button and select “the language and region“.
  • Next, you have to tap the connection option. If you have the password of the Wi-Fi connection, you can start to connect it to activate your iPhone over the data.
  • Then, wait for it until your iPhone starts actively. After that, the iPhone will connect to the internet connection and your phone will active by itself. To wait for the process of the active iPhone, you do not need a time more than a few minutes. The process will complete just in few seconds.
  • The last is the finishing process. In the last step, you have to set up your iPhone. The thing you have to do is enter your Apple ID and set the various other preferences. Then, reach the lock screen and your iPhone will active successfully.

Guide to Activate New iPhone [in Video]

We really recommend this best way on how to active iPhone by using Wi-Fi network or cellular connection. You do not need to wait the long process of the activate phone. Through this way, you just need a few seconds to finish it.

Video Source: How to Smartphone Channel